If the analysis shows that a new information system or changes in existing systems are needed, the development process begins. First, the requirements are collected, then the requirements specification for the programmers is made up, after which the software is designed, which, if necessary, is integrated into the existing environment. An information system can be either created from scratch or it can be a ready-made solution adapted to the existing environment. Which option is the best will become clear in course of analysis. After the introduction of the new information system, at the request of the customer, migration of data from the previous solution to a new one may also be required. This is not always necessary, but we have done it before, when the customer wants to transfer all the data, thus ensuring the continuity of the systems.

Our value chain is capable of creating information systems of any complexity – from a website to a complex information system, from an electronic governance to Industry 4.0 projects. See the experiences and core competencies of our specialists in the “Contact information” section.