Digital transformation starts with business analysis. The professional activity of a business analyst can be compared with the therapist-led treatment — the specialist finds out what exactly is bothering the client, gets to the heart of the problem, and then offers the best solution.

Business analysis answers the universal question: how to improve the existing situation? The development of any system or introduction of any changes in the enterprise begins with this step. Before starting to change anything, you need to thoroughly understand the current situation, determine the goals of the changes, create a new vision and describe what steps are required to move from the current situation to the described improvements.

Business analysis is not only related to IT sphere. Sometimes a thorough business analysis can help save hundreds of thousands of euros, since often it is not necessary to introduce new systems, but rather to modify inefficient processes in organization. Business analysis allows to determine what exactly is needed to be done to achieve the goal – as a rule, this refers to various forms of increasing efficiency. In the course of the analysis, the main focus is on the processes and benefits, as well as on the form and method of implementing an innovation. If necessary, a general prototype of the planned system is created in the business analysis report.