Digitalizing enterprises and governments since 1990-s.

The main value of digital transformation consists in finding out the needs of the customer and creating the most suitable solution for the client. We are creating integrity for a better world – over the years, we have successfully performed the analysis and development of IT systems within the framework of the awarded state tenders and contracting agreements. We have contributed to the formation of different national strategies for the processing of personal data.

Digital Transformation professionals of Krabu Grupp stood at the origins of the creation of the Estonian, Moldovian and Omani e-state concepts and the development of a new generation ID documents. Today, the experience and skills of our IT team allow us to develop and implement any solutions in the field of public online services around the world. We are able to design solutions of any complexity and scale in the field of e-governance. Our analysts have also created a prototype of the world’s most modern system of issuing documents for seafarers, the development of which is currently underway.